Booster The Shinning Darkness

Duelists will leave opponents scratching their heads from the near-fatal barrage of powerful new cards available at their disposal. Collectors and players alike will be amazed by the strength of the new monsters, Spells, and Traps available in The Shining Darkness Booster Set.

While this set contains cards for almost every Deck, fans of Blackwings and Infernities will want to take particular notice. Blackwings have been one of the most popular Decks in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG since their introduction just over a year ago, and The Shining Darkness contains nine new Blackwing-themed cards for Blackwing Duelists to add to their Decks.

Not to be outdone, the fiendish Infernity monsters get over a dozen new cards, bringing the Infernity monsters to the forefront of competitive Dueling and transforming them into a powerful new Deck type that every Duelist will want to check out. Combining blazing speed with a tenacity that keeps bringing them back from the Graveyard, any opponent will find it tough to keep down a well-played Infernity Deck.

With fun and powerful monsters, Spells, and Traps, The Shining Darkness will appeal to Duelists of all ages!

The Shining Darkness 100-card set contains:
48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards

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