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Collectors Booster Theros Beyond Death

Collectors Booster Theros Beyond Death


The Collector Booster gives players immediate access to the coolest, most desirable cards from Theros Beyond Death. Each Collector Booster is packed with the set's most exciting offerings. It’s a supercharged booster experience.


Two (2) foil Nyx basic lands
Eight (8) foil common, uncommon, or basic land cards
One (1) ancillary card (a card that does not appear in Theros Beyond Death Draft Boosters)
One (1) rare or mythic rare extended frame card
One (1) foil rare or mythic rare card (one in four packs include an extended frame card instead)
One (1) saga or showcase frame card
One (1) foil saga or alternate frame god, demigod, or planeswalker card
One (1) foil double-sided token.

Cantidad disponible: 5
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