Booster Lightning Overdrive

Booster Lightning Overdrive

Lightning Overdrive is poised to shock the Dueling world and reinvigorate not one, but TWO beloved monsters from the worlds of the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series!

First, Number 39: Utopia from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL gets a brand-new version of its upgraded Number C39: Utopia Ray form! Alongside comes a new suite of supporting cards that help you Summon Utopia as well as fetch “ZW” monsters and “Rank-Up-Magic” Spells out of your Deck.

After that, Lightning Overdrive rewinds time to Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s, and introduces a new upgraded form of Akiza’s beloved Black Rose Dragon! This monster will also be joined by a small retinue of “Rose Dragon” related cards to aid your Synchro Summons.

But it doesn’t stop there! A brand-new strategy invites all Duelists to explore the excitement and mystery of a monster-themed amusement park, and the story of Fallen of Albaz that began in Rise of the Duelist continues onward.

Lightning Overdrive also features the following:

More cards for the “War Rock” World Premiere theme introduced in Blazing Vortex. New cards for strategies introduced in Phantom Rage, Genesis Impact, and Blazing Vortex. You’ll be able to enhance your Tri-Brigade Deck with a new Link Monster, keep up the chase with 3 new “S-Force” cards, and fortify your Drytron Deck with Drytron Mu Beta Fafnir, a formidable Rank 1 Xyz Monster with 3 incredible abilities! New monsters for older fan-favorite themes! You’ll find new monsters for Traprtrix, Plunder Patroll, Scrap, and Paleozoic Decks as well as Diviner of the Herald, an incredible new monster for Fairy and Ritual Decks alike! And more!

The Lightning Overdrive booster set contains 100 new cards:
50 Commons
26 Super Rares
14 Ultra Rares
10 Secret Rares

9 cards per pack

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