Secret Lair: Greatest MTG Cards of All Time, Ever

Secret Lair: Greatest MTG Cards of All Time, Ever
We dug through YEARS of Magic history to try and pinpoint the most thrilling, exciting, jaw-dropping, astonishing, interesting, provocative, stimulating, and other-words-we found-in-the-thesaurus cards from throughout the entirety of the game. These super-duper full-art cards feature illustrations by the IMMENSELY TALENTED and EXTREMELY POWERFUL Victor Adame Minguez, Noah Bradley, Jesper Ejsing, and Titus Lunter.   

¡CUIDADO! Foolishness of this magnitude has the potential to cause what experts refer to as a “Goofiness Cascade.” Physically printing these cards would result in a hilarious tear in the fabric of reality, causing the very concept of time, Magic, and Taco Tuesday to become completely meaningless. For that reason, we will not be printing this Secret Lair at this time (but they’ll be available in WPN stores sometime in the future). However, since you have your wallet open…    

Wizards is a proud supporter of the American Red Cross as it continues its lifesaving mission nationwide during the ongoing COVID-19 public health crisis. Instead of putting this collection of great cards up for sale, we invite you to do something great yourself and donate to the American Red Cross.

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