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Ajani Goldmane Arbiter of Knollridge Austere Command Avian Changeling Battle Mastery Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile Burrenton Forge-Tender Cenn's Heir Changeling Hero Cloudgoat Ranger Crib Swap Dawnfluke Entangling Trap Favor of the Mighty Galepowder Mage Goldmeadow Dodger Goldmeadow Harrier Goldmeadow Stalwart Harpoon Sniper Hillcomber Giant Hoofprints of the Stag Judge of Currents Kinsbaile Balloonist Kinsbaile Skirmisher Kithkin Greatheart Kithkin Harbinger Kithkin Healer Knight of Meadowgrain Lairwatch Giant Militia's Pride Mirror Entity Neck Snap Oaken Brawler Oblivion Ring Plover Knights Pollen Lullaby Purity Sentry Oak Shields of Velis Vel Soaring Hope Springjack Knight Summon the School Surge of Thoughtweft Thoughtweft Trio Triclopean Sight Veteran of the Depths Wellgabber Apothecary Wispmare Wizened Cenn


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